Endodontics Beverly Hills

An endodontic treatment is commonly referred to as a root canal treatment. The purpose of a root canal is to save a severely injured or infected tooth. Root canals are meant to repair function. Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we begin by removing all the damaged tooth pulp. Pulp is the center live tissue inside each tooth. Only the decay pulp tissues are removed from the tooth. Once the damaged pulp tissue is removed, our Beverly Hills Dentist can then proceed to properly disinfect, clean, fill and then seal the infected portion of the tooth. The tooth is usually sealed with a dental crown or bridge.


Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our dentist should you experience any of the following symptoms. Not all individuals who require a root canal experience pain symptoms. However, even without pain symptoms, your dentist will still be able to detect signs of root canal damage. Regular visit to your Beverly Hills Dentist can help determine the need for treatment at the first sign of damage.

Common symptoms that indicate you may need a root canal include:

  • Toothache Pains
  • Persistent sensitivity to hot or cold
  • The damaged tooth may begin to show unhealthy shades of color, paired with potential swelling and soreness in adjacent gums
  • Repeated signs of a pimple or small cyst on gums


Neglecting to follow your dentist’s recommendations to proceed with an endodontic treatment can result in serious consequences as well as lead to severe pulp damage. Pulp damage can quickly progress into deep cavities, may crack the tooth, or lead to tooth trauma. Resolving these issues could require repeated dental procedures that are avoidable if treatment is sought out at the first signs of damage.

Should you experience symptoms such as severe toothaches or if you feel pain in your teeth or tooth sensitivity, contact your Dentist at Beverly Hills Dentistry immediately to schedule an endodontic consultation.


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