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We can dramatically transform a dull smile into a brilliant white smile with a simple teeth whitening treatment. This is an easy and painless solution to quickly achieving a pearly white smile. Brightening a smile be achieved in one of two ways. A smile can be whitened with the use of over the counter home treatments or with professional chairside treatments.

While buying an over-the-counter home whitening kits are on average less expensive than booking a chairside treatment, professional whitening is much safer and successful. Home whitening kits tend to burn gums and temporarily bleach gums if left on for too long and if gums are not properly protected. Also, each whitening kit brand has a different concentrate level of whitening gel. Some may be stronger and require less time than others.

At Beverly Hills Dentistry, we use a stronger whitening gel concentrate than home kit whitening gels. This means that the process of whitening will take much less time.When a professional such as our Beverly Hills Dentist whitens your teeth, a buffer gel is utilized to protect the your gums as well as tooth enamel from any damage such as burns or bleaching. We highly recommended the use of a buffer gel to protect teeth from to protect any sensitivity the whitening agent may cause in the inside of your mouth or gums. The buffer gel also protects teeth from potential wear down. Chairside whitening really is the most efficient way to brighten your smile. Best of all, professional whitening from Beverly Hills Dentistry can be done in just one appointment.


Everyone experiences the teeth whitening treatment differently. Not all patients experience pain after a teeth whitening session. However, for individuals who do experience sensitivity, the discomfort usually subsides within 24 hours. If you are prone to tooth sensitivity or have sensitivity concerns, please speak to your dentist before beginning a teeth whitening session.


Each whitening treatment provides dramatically different results. The decision on whether cost is worth the treatment really depends on what your personal smile desires are. Home whitening kits usually can only whiten one to two shades at most. To achieve this, multiple applications are required over the duration of an average of 2-4 weeks. The downside to this treatment is that it may not give you the smile shade you truly desire. Teeth can become sensitive depending on the strength of the whitening gel’s main active ingredient — hydrogen peroxide — and the duration of application time. This is a problem since home whitening kits can contain unpredictable levels of peroxide.

A chairside whitening session done by your dentist can help you achieve the glow of a pearly white smile in as little as one to two hours! A major benefit to getting teeth whitened at Beverly Hills Dentistry is knowing your gums and tooth enamel will be protected! Our Beverly Hills dentist will ensure your gums do not burn, your enamel remains damage free and that any sensitivity experienced afterwards is immediately addressed.


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