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Porcelain veneers can be restorative or cosmetic. They are typically used to fix a variety of dental problems such as discoloration, worn down teeth and even small gaps in between teeth. The process usually requires three different dentist visits. The first visit is the consultation followed by a proper veneer fitting appointment and a final visit to permanently secure the veneer to your tooth.

The process of applying porcelain veneers does involve removing a very slim layer of your tooth in order to properly fit the porcelain veneer. Not only does this help lock and hold the veneer into place, but it also makes the veneer appear as natural as possible.


  • Color — It is no surprise that many of our favorite foods and drinks tend to stain our teeth. Habits such as smoking can also lead to stained teeth as well as. Veneers can be made to custom match the shade in many shades of your natural teeth.
  • Size & Shape — Your Beverly Hills Dentist can shape and size your veneers in whichever way is most comfortable and flattering to your smile and face.
  • Alignment & Spacing — Veneers can help seal any small gaps between teeth. Veneers can also assist with minor alignment issues in your smile.


It is important for your Beverly Hills Dentist to determine if you are an ideal candidate to receive veneers. Porcelain veneers are susceptible to chips and cracks when put under intense pressure. This means patients who struggle with jaw clenching or teeth grinding should avoid receiving veneers. This can be very harmful since veneers are permanent and usually are not repaired.

After your dentist verifies that you are an ideal candidate to receive veneers, a follow up appointment can be scheduled to begin the process. It is vital that you discuss with your Beverly Hills Dentist the exact look and feel you desire. Be clear on what features you do and don’t like about your smile. Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we encourage our patients to be as detailed as possible, so we encourage you to bring pictures of the smile you want to show our Beverly Hills Dentist just like you would bring pictures of your favorite haircut to show your hairdresser.

Once a desired smile appearance and dental procedure is agreed upon, our Beverly Hills Dentist can then begin trimming approximately half a millimeter off of the tooth enamel. This will allow just enough space between the tooth and gum-line to apply the veneers. After your teeth have been prepared, a mold of your teeth is then made and sent to a dental lab to prepare your specially tailored veneers. When the veneers return from the lab, they are fitted and permanently cemented onto your teeth.


When you want to smile with confidence and fix tooth discolorations, gaps in your teeth, or create a more beautiful smile, you can trust the experienced dentists at Beverly Hills Dentistry to provide you with affordable options to restore your smile. Your first visit includes a free consultation so you know the cost of each veneer up front. Financing options are available. Apply Here with our CareCredit partner. At Beverly Hills Dentistry, we have helped thousands of patients for over 30 years.


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