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We will begin this page by saying that the only laser dentistry technology we currently offer is: treatment/reduction of deep gum pockets via laser. In the future, we hope to expand our laser dental services. We created this page for the benefit of our patients and for those who wish to learn. If laser dentistry seems like a good option for you, feel free to come in and discuss it with our dentists. We will happily refer you to a peer who can provide excellent services.

Lasers are a relatively new technology in the field of dentistry. The lasers used in dentistry are different from the ones used in phototherapy to treat pain and inflammation. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light and vaporize tissue. Lasers are also used as cutters when applied in dentistry or dental surgery. Sometimes, lasers can be used during fillings to reinforce the bond between the tooth and the filling material. Lasers also behave as heat sources during teeth whitening procedures and activate bleaching agents.


More and more dentists have started to use lasers in different procedures, such as the following:

Tooth Decay: Once a tooth has started to decay, the decay has to be removed and the tooth filled to prevent further damage. Lasers remove decay from infected teeth and clean out the tooth cavity for fillings.

Teeth Whitening: Tooth whitening is one of the most common reasons to visit the dentist. Lasers are used in teeth whitening procedures to activate peroxide bleaching agents which aid the whitening process.


Gum Disease: Dentists are starting to use lasers in the treatments of gum diseases to reshape gums, remove bacteria and any infected tissue.

Biopsy: Lasers can be used to remove small pieces of tissue which can then be tested for cancer and other diseases.

Lesion Removal: Lesions in the mouth can be removed using lasers. Lasers can be used to treat canker sores and relieve pain in severe cases.

Lasers present several advantages over traditional treatments; laser use means that, at times, anesthesia is not required for certain procedures so patients have a better experience. Since lasers are less invasive and more precise than other traditional practices, patients enjoy shorter healing times. Lasers also reduce bacteria in cavities and gum tissues that are diseased and limit bleeding during surgeries and other procedures.

Lasers are less scary than dental drills. In most cases, patients are more comfortable with them. If you are scared of drills, ask your dentist if a laser treatment is an option for you. Lasers are minimally invasive and less painful than other instruments and that is one of the reasons more dentist are opting to use them in more and more treatments.

The use of lasers in dentistry is still limited although it is fast expanding. Because it is still relatively new in dentistry, laser treatment is more expensive than other traditional treatments.

Beverly Hills Dentistry offers patients the opportunity of getting laser treatment done. Please call us to make appointments.


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